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尝试使用TLS连接到LDAP时出错“ LDAP结果代码201“ ErrorNetwork”:无效的数据包格式”

I'm trying make an authentication service with LDAP and TLS using When I use only basic authentication using the following code, everything works just fine.

conn := ldap.NewLDAPConnection(ldapHost, ldapPort)

conn.NetworkConnectTimeout = time.Duration(ldapConnTimeout) * time.Millisecond
conn.ReadTimeout = time.Duration(ldapReadTimeout) * time.Millisecond

if err := conn.Connect(); err != nil {

defer conn.Close()

// bind to ldap
if err := conn.Bind(username, password); err != nil {
    ldaperr := err.(*ldap.LDAPError)
    if ldaperr.ResultCode == ldap.LDAPResultInvalidCredentials {
        resp.Header().Set("WWW-Authenticate", `Basic realm="Item Codes Database"`)
    } else {

but when I try to applying TLS to my code by changing

conn := ldap.NewLDAPConnection(ldapHost, ldapPort)


ldap.NewLDAPTLSConnection(ldapHost, ldapPort, &tls.Config{})

It gives me an error LDAP Result Code 201 "ErrorNetwork": Invalid packet format. That error comes from method conn.Connect() which when I dig into it, it didn't even reach the point where the TLS config or TLS flag has been used.

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    douyue8191 douyue8191 2015-02-28 04:35

    Ok, I've found my solution. I need to change the port from ldap's 389 to ldaps' 636 because we use TLS protocol. And I also has to use method NewLDAPSSLConnection instead to establish an implicit TLS connection.

    I'm not sure why NewLDAPTSLConnection does not work. It use explicit TLS which require us to establish a normal connection first (which use port 389) and then attempt to start TLS over that connection.

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