2018-01-21 11:16
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如何为Docker Alpine映像构建静态Go二进制文件?

I want to build a Go 1.9.2 binary and run it on the Docker Alpine image. The Go code I wrote doesn't call any C code. It also uses the net package. Unfortunately it hasn't been as simple as it sounds as Go doesn't seem to quite build static binaries all the time. When I try to execute the binary I often get cryptic messages for why the binary didn't execute. There's quite a bit of information on the internet about this but most of it ends up with people using trial an error to make their binaries work.

So far I have found the following works, however I don't know why, if it is optimal or if it could be simplified.

env GOOS=linux GARCH=amd64 go install -v -a -tags netgo -installsuffix netgo -ldflags "-linkmode external -extldflags -static"

What is the canonical way (if it exists) to build a Go binary that will run on the Alpine 3.7 docker image? I am happy to use apk to install packages to the Alpine image if that would make things more efficient/easier. (Believe I need to install ca-certificates anyway.)

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我想构建一个Go 1.9.2二进制文件并在Docker Alpine映像上运行它。 我编写的Go代码不会调用任何C代码。 它还使用 net 包。 不幸的是,它并没有听起来那么简单,因为Go似乎并非一直都在构建静态二进制文件。 当我尝试执行二进制文件时,我经常会收到有关为什么二进制文件未执行的神秘消息。 互联网上有很多有关此方面的信息,但大多数最终导致人们使用试用版错误来使二进制文件正常工作。

到目前为止,我已经发现了以下作品 我不知道为什么,这是最佳选择还是可以简化。

  env GOOS = linux GARCH = amd64 go install -v -a -tags netgo -installsuffix  netgo -ldflags“ -linkmode external -extldflags -static” 

构建可以在Alpine上运行的Go二进制文件的规范方法(如果存在)是什么 3.7 docker镜像? 我很高兴使用 apk 将软件包安装到Alpine映像中,如果这样做会使事情更高效/更容易。 (相信我仍然需要安装 ca-certificates 。)

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  • doutan8775 2018-01-21 11:39

    Yes, you often need to add extra resource files like certificates especially when using a minimal distribution like alpine but the fact that you can run go applications on such small distributions is often also seen as an advantage.

    To add the certificates this is a really good explanation outlining how to do it on a scratch container:

    If you would rather stick with alpine then you can install this package to get them:

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