2016-08-28 18:37
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如何在Visual Studio Code中使用Delve调试器进行远程调试

I have already asked, and got a very good answer for debugging locally with delve(golang debugger).

Now I am trying to remote debug with Delve using VS Code.

I have got a sample app mentioned here, and further github linked to source code here. Note: The debug project is in a branch called debugging.

Are you able to make it work?

I have also created/opened an issue in the repo.

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我已经问过,并且得到了很好的 answer 使用delve(golang调试器)在本地进行调试。

现在,我 我正在尝试使用VS Code使用Delve进行远程调试。

我有一个示例应用程序提到了此处,并进一步将github链接到源代码此处。 注意:调试项目位于名为debug的分支中。


我还创建/打开了一个问题 在存储库中。

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  • dplm47571 2016-08-30 13:39

    The following worked:

    1. Remove line 3 in launch.json "debugServer": 4711,"
    2. Changed line 29 in launch.json ""host": "" // Docker IP " to "".

    I was sure I tried this before, but apparently not bout at the same time. Anyways happy go' lucky!

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