2017-11-03 16:26

如何在Go中连接到Gremlin Websocket?


I'm trying to connect to Gremlin which should be running on port 8182 ([INFO] GremlinServer$1 - Channel started at port 8182)

When I'm connecting to: ws:// I'm getting the response:

2017/11/03 17:20:04 ERROR: database with the name 'gremlin' gave an error when connecting: websocket: bad handshake.

The Gremlin server responds with:

[WARN] HttpGremlinEndpointHandler - Invalid request - responding with 400 Bad Request and no gremlin script supplied

I'm using Gorilla Websocket in Go to connect:

gremlinGrpcAddress := fmt.Sprintf("ws://%s:%d/", f.config.Host, f.config.Port)

var dialer *websocket.Dialer

clientConn, _, err := dialer.Dial(gremlinGrpcAddress, nil)
if err != nil {
    return err

f.client = clientConn

Connecting to echo.websocket.org works, so somehow it is something in the Gremlin server.

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  • douqing5981 douqing5981 4年前

    The answer lies in the config YAML file.

    What is needed is the correct channelizer.


    channelizer: org.apache.tinkerpop.gremlin.server.channel.WebSocketChannelizer
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  • doulian7305 doulian7305 4年前

    Connect to ws://localhost:8182/gremlin instead of ws://localhost:8182. There are several references to it in the Apache TinkerPop documentation and the go-gremlin README.

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