2015-03-08 21:58

您将在Go App Engine Web应用程序上使用Memcache或数据存储区进行Web会话的哪种应用程序类型/情况?


I'm looking into building a web app in golang to deploy to google app engine, but I'm not sure whether to use the memcache store or the datastore from this sessions package. Is there a rule of thumb as to when to use each type of store? I understand the main pros and cons, the datastore data will always be there but is much slower to access and the memcache data is much faster to access but may not always be there. So are there any situations or types of application that would use one type of session store from the other?

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  • dongzhou4727 dongzhou4727 6年前

    Use both. Check memcache. If a session is present, proceed. If not, check the datastore.

    This is exactly how sessions are implemented in the Java runtime, and this is generally the way to use memcache.

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