2018-09-03 12:50
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I want to initialize a map containing a list of interface without having to add them one by one:

type Pixel struct {
    X float64
    Y float64

type Vertex struct {
    X float64
    Y float64
    Z float64
type testpair struct {
    filename       string
    values     []interface{}
var tests = map[string]testpair{
   "test1": {
               filename: "file1.csv",
               values:  []Pixel{
                           {X: 12.5, Y: 23.4},
                           {X: 17.2, Y: 7.9},
   "test2": {
               filename: "file2.csv",
               values:  []Vertex{
                           {X: 10.7, Y: 13.3, Z: 25.1},
                           {X: 18.3, Y: 16.9, Z: 16.4},

The compiler would output such an error:

cannot use []Pixel literal (type []Pixel) as type []interface {} in field value

If I switch []interface{} to []Pixel, I can initialize the map but I can do it only with a unique type Pixel or Vertex.

Is there a way to force the compiler to accept array initialization with a specific struct while declaring it as an array of interface?

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