2016-03-20 20:40
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How do I read a slice from a json file in golang? For example, the file data.json looks like this:


I have tried using ioutil.ReadFile to do this, but this returns a string, not a slice. How can I read my slice?
NOTE: You can sub the brackets [] for braces {}
I have done this using structs, but I don't want the user to have to type in this complicated json stuff

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如何从golang中的 json </ code>文件中读取切片? 例如,文件 data.json </ code>看起来像这样:</ p>

[“ a”,“ b”,“ c”,“ d”] </ code> </ p>

我尝试使用 ioutil.ReadFile </ code>来执行此操作,但这会返回字符串,而不是切片。 如何阅读我的切片?
注意</ strong>:您可以将括号 [] </ code>放在花括号 {} </ code>
\ n我已经使用结构完成了此操作,但我不希望用户键入此复杂的json内容</ p> </ div>

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