2016-01-05 16:06
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So as in the title, I'm trying to format a date in dd_mm_yy format using time.Now().Format("02_01_2006") as shown in this playground session:

First problem, dd_mm_yyyy isn't an acceptable format, only dd_mm_yy is, which is fine I can manipulate the returned string myself.

The problem I have for you is to help me figure out what Go is even trying to do with this input.

You should notice the result you get is:


A good few thousand years off and it's lost the underscore which it only does it for _2. Does this character sequence represent something special here?

Replacing the last underscore with a hyphen or space returns a valid result. dd_mm_yy works fine. Just this particular case seems to completely fly off the handle.

On my local machine (Go playground is on a specific date) the result for today (the 5th) is:

05_01 5016

Which is equally strange, if not moreso as it's substituted in a space which seems to be an ANSIC thing.

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因此,正如标题中一样,我正在尝试使用time.Now()将日期格式化为dd_mm_yy。 格式(“ 02_01_2006”),如以下操场上的会话所示:

第一个问题,dd_mm_yyyy是不可接受的格式,只有dd_mm_yy是,这很好 可以自己操作返回的字符串。

我为您带来的问题是帮助我弄清楚Go甚至试图使用此输入做什么。 < p>您应该注意到得到的结果是:


好几千年了,它已经丢失了 下划线,仅适用于_2。 这个字符序列在这里代表什么特殊之处吗?

用连字符或空格代替最后一个下划线会返回有效结果。 dd_mm_yy工作正常。


05_01 5016

同样令人奇怪的是,它所替代的空间似乎是ANSIC。< / p>

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  • dongzuan4917 2016-01-05 16:15

    This is very likely due to the following bug:

    This has been fixed in Go 1.6beta1

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  • dporu02280 2016-01-05 16:15

    Found an issue from their github:

    Basically _2 is taking the 2 as the day value from the reference time and then trying to parse the rest (006) which it doesn't recognise so it all goes wrong from there.

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