doucai4274 2016-11-15 21:02
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设置环境-$ GOPATH

I have defined my $GOPATH to be $HOME/go and when using vim-go, it has installed several binaries (using :GoInstallBinaries) into that folder. Now the structure is similar to:

------ list of binaries

--------- list of other directories

--------several other directories, similar with ones below

I'm confused now where to start my own project within this structure? Say I wanted to create my own project virtual_tree, from what I understand it should be under src. But should that be inside of Where should my project go? Do I need to use pkg/ for anything? I understand that bin/ contains the executable for the project.


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  • dsaf32131 2016-11-15 21:17
    1. You should follow the convention of $GOPATH/src/REPOSITORY_PROVIDER/USERNAME/PROJECT. So, if your virtual_tree project resides in github, then you should locate it in $GOPATH/src/

    2. The pkg directory contains the compiled packages. Within that directory a sub-directory that describes the target architecture is created and that mirrors the source directories.

    Read more on:

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