2018-10-19 05:27
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为vscode项目/终端设置$ GOPATH

I want to set $GOPATH for each vscode project/workspace. Right now, in .vscode/settings.json, I have:

    "go.gopath": "$HOME/codes/huru"

I close vscode and reopened, and at the command line terminal, I echo $GOPATH, and it's empty. I was hoping that vscode would read the env variable from "go.gopath", but it seems not have to done so.

Does anyone know how to do this?

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enter image description here

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我想为每个vscode项目/工作区设置$ GOPATH。 现在,在.vscode / settings.json中,我有:

“ go.gopath”:“ $ HOME / codes / huru” 

我关闭vscode并重新打开,在命令行终端,我回显$ GOPATH,它为空。 我希望vscode可以从“ go.gopath”中读取env变量,但似乎不必这样做。

有人知道如何做到这一点吗? \ n



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  • doutuoji8418 2018-10-19 06:49

    Setting the go.gopath on user settings or workspace settings will replace the GOPATH value on the VS Code. This GOPATH value is the one that showing up when Go: Current GOPATH command is executed, not the $GOPATH environment variable.

    The go.gopath value will not replace the $GOPATH environment variable.

    Explanation from GOPATH in the VS Code Go extension:

    Out of the box, the extension uses the value of the environment variable GOPATH. From Go 1.8 onwards, if no such environment variable is set, then the default GOPATH as deciphered from the command go env is used.

    Setting go.gopath in User settings overrides the GOPATH that was derived from the above logic. Setting go.gopath in Workspace settings overrides the one from User settings. You can set multiple folders as GOPATH in this setting. Note that they should be ; separated in Windows and : separated otherwise.

    Below I add an image that might help you.

    • Basically I already have $GOPATH env variable ready on my local with certain value. Then I set the go.gopath on the user settings (with different value compared to the $GOPATH). When I execute command Go: Current GOPATH, a popup on the bottom right appear, showing the very same value like on my go.gopath settings. I put red line on all of this.
    • But, when I execute shell command echo $GOPATH on terminal, the output is still the $GOPATH value from my env variable (blue line). This is because go.gopath setting will not replace the $GOPATH env variable.

    enter image description here

    In your case, the echo $GOPATH return empty output because you haven't set the $GOPATH environment variable.

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