2015-01-05 13:58


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I am creating a sublime text highlighting file. However, I am stuck with an error I don't fully understand. I have the following regex:


When I try to load the file in sublime text, I get the error:

Error in regex: too short multibyte code string in regex \x([0-9]|[A-F]|[a-f])([0-9]|[A-F]|[a-f])

I have tried Googling to understand what this error means, the only thing I have come across that is relavent are the following links:

0. github issue of the rubinius project

1. stackoverflow thread

2. reddit thread

Unfortunately, from those links i could only determine that that error likely caused by a character encoding [ from 1 & 2]. I now suspect that "\x" might be the problem as everything else in that regex is fine. How does one escape that character and all others like it, in particular, can a golang script be used to sanitize regexes to get rid of such problems?

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  • douyalin2258 douyalin2258 6年前

    It means that you forgot to escape the \ in \x.
    Therefore, it's trying to parse a Unicode character escape of the form \x1234, and it didn't find enough numbers.

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