2018-11-09 16:42
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Why is this panicf-sprintf causing a type error in Golang 1.11? Go doesn't explain the reason, even if it says this is a common mistake.

go vet is now enforced during the build.

func panicf(s string, i ...interface{}) { panic(fmt.Sprintf(s, i)) }

The test is returning

missing ... in args forwarded to printf-like function

vet describes this as

func (*ptrStringer) BadWrap(x int, args ...interface{}) string {
    return fmt.Sprint(args) // ERROR "missing ... in args forwarded to print-like function"

func (*ptrStringer) BadWrapf(x int, format string, args ...interface{}) string {
    return fmt.Sprintf(format, args) // ERROR "missing ... in args forwarded to printf-like function"

Please help explain ... in golang in this context.

Here is a functional playground:

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此panicf-sprintf为什么引起 type 错误 在Golang 1.11中? 即使它说这是一个常见的错误,Go也不解释原因。


  func panicf(s string,i ... interface {}){panic(fmt.Sprintf(s,i))} 


  missing ...在args中转发给类似printf的函数

vet 将此描述为

  func(* ptrStringer)BadWrap(x int,args ... interface {}  )string {
 return fmt.Sprint(args)//错误“在args中丢失了...转发给类似打印的函数” 
func(* ptrStringer)BadWrapf(x int,格式为string,args。  ..interface {})字符串{
 return fmt.Sprintf(format,args)//错误“缺少...在args中被转发给类似printf的函数” 

在这种情况下,请帮助解释 golang 中的 ...

这是一个功能性的游乐场: < / p>

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  • dthh5038 2018-11-09 16:47

    panicf() accepts i as a variadic, the same as fmt.Sprintf(). Therefore you have to tell the compiler that you want each value of i to be sent to fmt.Sprintf() instead of sending the entire thing as a slice.

    So change the code to:

    func panicf(s string, i ...interface{}) { panic(fmt.Sprintf(s, i...)) }
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