doucong1992 2017-10-30 06:15
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I'm really confused how to get the error type from a failed query line with the mySQL import. There is no real documentation on it, so it has me real confused.

Currently i have:

result, err := db.Exec("INSERT INTO users (username,password,email) VALUES (?,?,?)", username, hashedPassword, email)
if err != nil {
    // handle different types of errors here

I could print err but its just a string, not liking the idea of peeking at strings to know what went wrong, is there no feedback to get an error code to perform a switch on or something along those lines? How do you do it?

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  • douzhuijing4911 2017-10-30 06:46

    Indeed, checking the content of the error string is a bad practice, the string value might vary depending on the driver verison. It’s much better and robust to compare error numbers to identify what a specific error is.

    There are the error codes for the mysql driver, the package is maintained separatly from the main driver package. The mechanism to do this varies between drivers, however, because this isn’t part of database/sql itself. With that package you can check the type of error MySQLError:

    if driverErr, ok := err.(*mysql.MySQLError); ok {
        if driverErr.Number == mysqlerr.ER_ACCESS_DENIED_ERROR {
            // Handle the permission-denied error

    There are also error variables.


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