2016-01-12 18:23
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I'm using a pull queue in Appengine for Go and while locally leasing tasks worked just fine, when I deployed my code, the call to taskqueue.Lease gave me this error:

API error 13 (taskqueue: INVALID_REQUEST)

My lease call was:

tasks, err := taskqueue.Lease(ctx, 100, "pullqueue", 60)

And it has happened no matter what parameters I pass in, like parameters for a blank queue name. Has anyone else gotten this error? Thanks in advance for the help!

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在我部署App时,我在Appengine for Go中使用拉入队列,而本地租赁任务也可以正常工作 代码,调用taskqueue。租约给了我这个错误:



任务,错误:= taskqueue.Lease(ctx,100,“ pullqueue”,60)

无论我传入什么参数(例如空白队列名称的参数),都已经发生了。 还有其他人得到此错误吗? 预先感谢您的帮助!

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