2013-11-03 20:05
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I use Go's native test facility (go test) to write a test. But when the test fails due to a bug in test code, I really can't debug it due to lack of stack trace or any other contextual informations.

And even, the test code needs one contextual object t, so it is not simple work running the test code in normal mode.

What is the best practice to debug test code?

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我使用Go的本机测试工具( go test )编写测试。 但是当由于测试代码中的错误导致测试失败时,由于缺少堆栈跟踪或任何其他上下文信息,我真的无法调试它。

甚至,测试代码也需要 一个上下文对象 t ,所以在正常模式下运行测试代码不是简单的工作。


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  • douzong6649 2013-11-03 20:31

    You can use t.Log() to log information about the test case -- go will show that output if the test case fails or if you run go test -v

    You can also assert certain state within the test using panics -- if a test panics, you will see the trace in your console.

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  • doukou4066 2013-11-03 22:14

    I don't know if you'd want to check in code with this in it, but for one-off debugging, PrintStack might help.

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  • dpgui8229808 2019-02-19 18:31

    You can log stack trace this way


    Documentation is here

    It is better than PrintStack because it doesn't interfere with regular test logs.

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