2018-08-30 06:34

如何通过Google idToken获取userInfo

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Now I hava a google Idtoken, I want to get the user information through the token, from this page I found how to verify and get the tokenInfo, Validating Google sign in ID token in Go but the tokenInfo doesn't contain user picture. what should I do to get the user information?

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  • doumalu9257 doumalu9257 3年前

    id_token is a jwt. I first use validating-google-sign-in-id-token-in-go to check the token is vailed.

    authService, err := oauth2.New(http.DefaultClient)
    if err != nil {
        return err
    // check token is valid
    tokenInfoCall := authService.Tokeninfo()
    ctx, cancelFunc := context.WithTimeout(context.Background(), 1*time.Minute)
    defer cancelFunc()
    tokenInfo, er := tokenInfoCall.Do()
    if err != nil {
        // invalid token

    Then I parse the id_token as jwt, decode the payload to json.

    token, _, err := new(jwt.Parser).ParseUnverified(idToken, &TokenInfo{})
    if tokenInfo, ok := token.Claims.(*TokenInfo); ok {
        return tokenInfo, nil
    } else {
        // parse token.payload failed
    // TokenInfo struct
    type TokenInfo struct {
            Iss string `json:"iss"`
        // userId
        Sub string `json:"sub"`
        Azp string `json:"azp"`
        // clientId
        Aud string `json:"aud"`
        Iat int64  `json:"iat"`
        // expired time
        Exp int64 `json:"exp"`
        Email         string `json:"email"`
        EmailVerified bool   `json:"email_verified"`
        AtHash        string `json:"at_hash"`
        Name          string `json:"name"`
        GivenName     string `json:"given_name"`
        FamilyName    string `json:"family_name"`
        Picture       string `json:"picture"`
        Local         string `json:"locale"`

    the value like:

     // These six fields are included in all Google ID Tokens.
     "iss": "https://accounts.google.com",
     "sub": "110169484474386276334",
     "azp": "1008719970978-hb24n2dstb40o45d4feuo2ukqmcc6381.apps.googleusercontent.com",
     "aud": "1008719970978-hb24n2dstb40o45d4feuo2ukqmcc6381.apps.googleusercontent.com",
     "iat": "1433978353",
     "exp": "1433981953",
     // These seven fields are only included when the user has granted the "profile" and
     // "email" OAuth scopes to the application.
     "email": "testuser@gmail.com",
     "email_verified": "true",
     "name" : "Test User",
     "picture": "https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-kYgzyAWpZzJ/ABCDEFGHI/AAAJKLMNOP/tIXL9Ir44LE/s99-c/photo.jpg",
     "given_name": "Test",
     "family_name": "User",
     "locale": "en"

    then I get the picture.

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