2017-02-27 12:38
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Golang SQL查询语法验证器

Is there any third-party tool for validate SQL query before I execute it with the database/sql pacakge or any way to check the SQL query is right without getting a panic from database/sql that the query is invalid?

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在使用数据库/ sql pacakge或以任何方式执行该查询之前,是否有任何第三方工具来验证SQL查询 检查SQL查询是正确的,而不会从数据库/ SQL中惊慌该查询无效?

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  • dongzhi4239 2017-02-27 12:55

    Finally, I found this SQL parser package. I colud use it for validate it.

    func isSQLValid(sql string) (bool, error) {
        _, err := sqlparser.Parse(sql)
        if err != nil {
            return false, err
        return true, nil
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