2016-08-02 09:10
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Is it possible to decode top level JSON array with json.Decoder?

Or reading entire JSON and json.Unmarshall is the only way in this case?

I have read the accepted answer in this question and cannot figure out how to use it with top level JSON array

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  • duanliangman5398 2016-08-02 10:04

    You use json.Decoder in same way as any other json. Only difference is that instead of decoding into a struct, json need to be decoded in array of struct. This is a very simple example. Go Playground

    package main
    import (
    type Result struct {
        Name         string `json:"Name"`
        Age          int    `json:"Age`
        OriginalName string `json:"Original_Name"`
    func main() {
        jsonString := `[{"Name":"Jame","Age":6,"Original_Name":"Jameson"}]`
        result := make([]Result, 0)
        decoder := json.NewDecoder(bytes.NewBufferString(jsonString))
        err := decoder.Decode(&result)
        if err != nil {
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  • douwen3362 2016-08-02 10:03

    Note that use of var r interface{} is not recommended, you should define your JSON structure as a Go struct to parse it correctly.

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