2018-10-06 23:52
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使用struct&mongodb / mongo-go-driver更新/替换mongodb文档

I am trying to update/replace a mongodb document using a struct but i keep on getting err: update document must contain key beginning with '$'

collection := r.client.Database(database).Collection(greetingCollection)
payment.MongoID = objectid.New()
filter := bson.NewDocument(bson.EC.String("id", payment.ID))
_, err := collection.UpdateOne(ctx, filter, payment)
return err

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我正在尝试使用结构更新/替换mongodb文档,但我一直在获取 err:update 文档必须包含以'$'

  collection开头的键:= r.client.Database(database).Collection(greetingCollection)
payment.MongoID = objectid。  New()
filter:= bson.NewDocument(bson.EC.String(“ id”,Payment.ID))
_,err:= collection.UpdateOne(ctx,filter,payment)
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  • dqls67891 2018-10-07 12:08

    You should provide an update statement instead of a document as third parameter to the Collection.UpdateOne method. For example:

    update := bson.NewDocument(
            bson.EC.Double("pi", 3.14159),
    collection.UpdateOne(ctx, filter, update)

    See more on the available update operators in the MongoDB docs (the keys beginnen with '$').

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