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I am very new to both Go and Mongodb and was writing my first rest-api with Go and Mongo. I am using mongo-go-driver and have the following Modal struct in Go

type Modal struct {
    Group     []string           `bson:"group" json:"group"`
    Hostname  string             `bson:"hostname" json:"hostname"`
    Overrides map[string]string  `bson:"overrides" json:"overrides"`
    Excludes  []string           `bson:"excludes" json:"excludes"`

I do not want to use the default ObjectId field provided by mongo-db as my primary key and instead would like to make the Hostname field as the primary key.

If I make the type of Hostname field as primitive.ObjectID, then the hostname would be unique but its value will be randomly generated string by mongodb and not the actual hostname string value.

So is there a way I can do this.

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我对Go和Mongodb都很陌生,并且正在用Go和Mongo编写我的第一个rest-api。 我正在使用 mongo-go-driver 并在Go中具有以下 Modal 结构

  type Modal struct {
 组[] string`bson:“ group” json:“ group”`
主机名字符串`bson:“ hostname” json:“ hostname”`
覆盖map [string] string`bson:“ overrides” json:“ overrides  “`
排除[]字符串`bson:”排除“ json:”排除“`

我不想使用默认的 ObjectId 字段作为我的主键,而想将 Hostname 字段作为主键。

Hostname 字段的类型设置为 primitive.ObjectID ,则 hostname 将是唯一的,但是其值将由mongodb随机生成,而不是 实际的主机名字符串值。


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