2016-03-30 05:37
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用于doc至docx和docx至pdf转换的Golang软件包? [关闭]

I am writing a web application in Golang, in which user can upload a doc or docx file. Some of the file contents will be changed according to a predefined format. Later user can download the changed file either in docx or in pdf format. Now my application accepts only docx file, change the file according to predefined format and let the user download it back in docx format itself. Are there any packages available in golang to convert doc to docx and docx to pdf?

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我正在用Golang编写一个Web应用程序,用户可以在其中上载doc或docx文件。 一些文件内容将根据预定义的格式进行更改。 以后的用户可以docx或pdf格式下载更改的文件。 现在,我的应用程序仅接受docx文件,根据预定义的格式更改文件,然后让用户自己以docx格式下载回来。 golang中是否有任何可用于将doc转换为docx和docx转换为pdf的软件包?</ p> </ div>

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