2018-07-27 09:44
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I am currently trying to understand how nanotime is implemented for MacOS in Go.

On Linux (see link to implementation here), it seems to calls clock_gettime.

On Windows (see link to implementation here), it seems to call QueryPerformanceCounter.

But I cannot find what it does on MacOS and what kind of equivalent system function it calls. What does it do on MacOS?

Note: link to the source code are very welcome.

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我目前正在尝试了解如何在Go中为MacOS实施 nanotime

Linux 上(请参见实现这里),它似乎调用了 clock_gettime

Windows 上 >(请参见实现的链接此处) ,它似乎调用了 QueryPerformanceCounter

但是我找不到它在 MacOS 上的作用以及它调用的等效系统功能的种类 。 在 MacOS 上做什么?


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  • dongtou2097 2018-07-27 09:52

    Here is the nanotime implementation for Darwin. It calls into nanotime_trampoline, implemented in Go assembly which in turns seems to call mach_absolute_time, defined in macOS's libSystem

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