2012-10-05 01:03
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I am trying to code up the wiki for go programing language. I have put the data in /data folder and .html files in the /tmpl folder.

I have coded up the main function as follows

func main() {
    walk := func(path string, info os.FileInfo, err error) error {
        if err == nil && !info.IsDir() && filepath.Ext(path) == ".html" {
            http.HandleFunc("/view/", makeHandler(viewHandler))
            http.HandleFunc("/edit/", makeHandler(editHandler))
            http.HandleFunc("/save/", makeHandler(saveHandler))
        return err
    root := TEMPLATE_PATH + "edit.html"
    err := filepath.Walk(root, walk)
    if err != nil {

I am getting panic edit.html not found. Could anyone please guide me?

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  • dtnpzghys01643322 2012-10-05 01:45

    From the documentation of filepath.Walk you can read:

    func Walk(root string, walkFn WalkFunc) error

    Walk walks the file tree rooted at root, calling walkFn for each file or directory in the tree, including root. All errors that arise visiting files and directories are filtered by walkFn. The files are walked in lexical order, which makes the output deterministic but means that for very large directories Walk can be inefficient.

    So Walk expects a directory as first parameter. You're putting a file in there, which makes the whole thing throw a panic.

    I'm not sure what you're attempting to do, but if you want to open that file, use os.Open or os.Stat if you want to test for existance.

    A general tip when coding in go: Use the gofmt command to format your code according to the style guidelines.

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