douquan1015 2018-01-02 13:45
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I'm trying to run a fairly simple query using MGO that only has one condition included: published field must be less than or equal to the current time.

I have a test document in my database that was created as follows:

    "title": "Woo this is a test title",
    "published": ISODate("2017-01-02T12:00:00Z")

My querying code is:

now := time.Now().Format(time.RFC3339)
articlesCollection.Find(bson.M{"published": bson.M{"$lte": now}}).

But I get no records returned.

I'm comfortable with Mongo, but very new to Go (and thus mgo) - I'm sure I'm doing something wrong at a basic level, but am not sure what. Can anyone help?

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  • douweida2878 2018-01-02 13:48

    The solution is simple: don't format your time, just pass a time.Time value:

    now := time.Now()

    The mgo package will encode the time in the appropriate format. In your example you passed the time as a string which would only work if the published field in MongoDB would also be a string in the same format (and not a MongoDB date).

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