2016-10-14 08:26
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I wish there was something like image.Point struct but instead it was pixel based, if that makes sense.

Say I have loaded and decoded an image.RGBA with size(bounds) of 300x300. How can I get the exact coordinate of the middle of the image in image.Point or fixed.Point26_6?

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我希望有类似image.Point的结构,但是如果可行的话,它是基于像素的。 </ p>

说我已经加载并解码了尺寸(边界)为300x300的 image.RGBA </ code>。 如何在 image.Point </ code>或 fixed.Point26_6 </ code>中获取图像中间的确切坐标?</ p> </ div>

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