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从Go-kit Golang中的API请求解析CSV文件

I am trying to build a service that takes user input of file from POST request and then iterates the CSV and passes it into my database. I am having problem to pass the file and read it. Below are my codes.


  type CSVRequest struct {
    File  io.Reader


func MakeCSVEndpoint(svc Service) endpoint.Endpoint {
    return func(ctx context.Context, request interface{}) (interface{}, error) {
        req := request.(CSVRequest)

        data, err := svc.ReadCSV(req.File)

        if err != nil {
            return GetErrorResponse{err}, nil

        return CreateProductResponse{data}, nil


    func decodeCreateProductsCSV(_ context.Context, r *http.Request) (interface{}, error) {
    file, _, err := r.FormFile("file")

    return CSVRequest{File: file}, nil

so how can I pass the csv file to the service.go and then read and iterate the csv file and get the values of the csv file.

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  • dongxiao_0528 2018-02-12 10:04

    Here is a basic function that can do the parsing from a POST request. The result is a two-dimensional array of strings, the first dimension being the rows and the second dimension being the values in a row. It uses the golang's own "encoding/csv" package. Go playground example available here.

    func ReadCSVFromHttpRequest(req *http.Request) ([][]string, error) {
        // parse POST body as csv
        reader := csv.NewReader(req.Body)
        var results [][]string
        for {
            // read one row from csv
            record, err := reader.Read()
            if err == io.EOF {
            if err != nil {
                return nil, err
            // add record to result set
            results = append(results, record)
        return results, nil
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