2019-09-17 21:00
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I am building an application which can have multiple gRPC servers and definitely will have multiple gRPC clients, I wanted to know, how to identify on server side that this is the client I am talking to and only send data to that client. I am using bidirectional streaming RPC and right now the data gets broadcasted to every client and I don't want that. What functions in go gRPC make it possible or how can I implement it?

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我正在构建一个可以具有多个gRPC服务器并且肯定会有多个gRPC客户端的应用程序, 如何在服务器端确定这是我正在与之交谈的客户端,并且仅向该客户端发送数据。 我正在使用双向流式RPC,现在数据已广播到每个客户端,但我不希望这样。 go gRPC中的哪些功能使其成为可能或我如何实现它?

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