dpz1983 2019-09-17 21:00
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I am building an application which can have multiple gRPC servers and definitely will have multiple gRPC clients, I wanted to know, how to identify on server side that this is the client I am talking to and only send data to that client. I am using bidirectional streaming RPC and right now the data gets broadcasted to every client and I don't want that. What functions in go gRPC make it possible or how can I implement it?

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  • duanqianruan8448 2019-09-18 02:30

    There are two ways to read this question. One way is to read it as the auth problem as answered before. The second way is how I read it, as a connection/session problem.

    When the client connects, the grpc server will invoke a function to implement the call in its own goroutine, and that function will be only talking to the client that initiated that call. So, the struct you registered as your grpc server will be shared among many connections, but each connection will run in its own goroutine, and will only talk to the client that initiated it. That also means you have to make sure the grpc server implementation is thread-safe.

    You mentioned data is being broadcasted to every client? There is no broadcast in grpc, are you sure that's what's happening?

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