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I am trying to query all the results from a postgres table without where condition and map it with array of structs with the help of sqlx db Query by passing the args ...interface {}.

But the code pasted below never works, Instead of iterating and scanning the result one by one , is it possible to get the following code work ??

Inputs are much appreciated . Thank you

type CustomData struct {
    ID                        string `db:"id" json:",omitempty"`
    Name                      string `db:"name" json:",omitempty"`
    Description               string `db:"description" json:",omitempty"`
    SourceID                  string `db:"sourceid" json:",omitempty"`
    StatusID                  string `db:"statusid" json:",omitempty"`
    StatusReason              string `db:"statusreason" json:",omitempty"`
    CreateTime                string `db:"createtime" json:",omitempty"`
    UpdateTime                string `db:"updatetime" json:",omitempty"`

var myData []CustomData

*sqlx.DB.Query("SELECT id as ID,  name as Name, description as Description, sourceid as SourceID, statusid as StatusID, statusreason as StatusReason, createtime as CreateTime, updatetime as UpdateTime FROM myschema.my_table", &myData)

// tried with following statement but din't work either
// *sqlx.DB.Query("SELECT * FROM myschema.my_table", &myData)

    for _, data := range myData {
        fmt.Println("--", data)

Expected results:

--- CustomData{1,x,x,x,x} --- CustomData{2,x,x,x,x}

Actual: Nothing..

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