2016-12-22 06:55
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As the title says. basically what I'm wondering is that will the atomic.StoreInt32 also lock read operation while it's writing?

Another relative question:, is atomic.StoreUint64(&procRate, procCount) equivalent to atomic.StoreUint64(&procRate, atomic.LoadUint64(&procCount))?

Thanks in advance.

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  • dsd30433 2016-12-22 15:19

    Yes, you need to use atomic operations when you are both loading and storing the same value. The race detector should warn you about this.

    As for the second question, if the procCount value is also being used concurrently, then you still need to load it using an atomic operation. These two are not equivalent:

    atomic.StoreUint64(&procRate, procCount)
    atomic.StoreUint64(&procRate, atomic.LoadUint64(&procCount))

    The former reads procCount directly to pass to StoreUint64, while the latter passes a copy safely obtained via LoadUint64.

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