2016-08-13 01:01
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I want to split a string to a slice but want to keep the delimiters. Is there a way to do that in golang?

For example


"Hello! It's, a? beautiful$ day* (today and tomorrow).


[Hello | ! | It's | , | a | ? | beautiful | $ | day | * | ( | today | and | tomorrow | ) | . ]

where | represents the separation of elements.

Can anyone help?

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我想将字符串拆分为一个切片,但希望保留定界符。 有没有办法在golang中做到这一点?





   [Hello |!|它| | | a |?|美丽| $ |天| * |(|今天|和|明天|)|。] 


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  • duanlachu7344 2016-08-13 03:08

    You can do that by creating a regular expression that matches either a word or one of your special characters. I don't know exactly what your rules are, but given the input and desired output, this works:


    You can then use FindAllString to return the individual strings.

    See https://play.golang.org/p/se6B74G_Fv.

    The idea of the regular expression is to match either a word, here defined as a sequence of one or more upper or lower case letters or apostrophes, or a "special character", defined as any of the non-word characters in your sample input. The regular expression contains two parts separated by a |, meaning that either alternative can match. A set of characters contained within square brackets is called a character class, which means that any of the characters can match (and a-z means all characters from a to z). Since the left alternative is a character class followed by a +, one or more of the characters in the class will match. The portion on the right only matches one character. You may need to adjust this to behave exactly the way you want. For more information on Go regular expressions, see https://github.com/google/re2/wiki/Syntax.

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