duanjiu6697 2018-08-22 10:01
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I saw some golang code and I don't know how it works! Anyone known ? Why write in this way ?

var _ errcode.ErrorCode = (*StoreTombstonedErr)(nil) // assert implements interface
var _ errcode.ErrorCode = (*StoreBlockedErr)(nil)    // assert implements interface

And the source code link is https://github.com/pingcap/pd/blob/0e216a703776c51cb71f324c36b6b94c1d25b62f/server/core/errors.go#L37

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  • doufuxing8562 2018-08-22 10:04

    This is used to check the if type T implements an interface I.

    var _ errcode.ErrorCode = (*StoreTombstonedErr)(nil) // assert implements interface
    var _ errcode.ErrorCode = (*StoreBlockedErr)(nil) 

    In above code snippet First line checks that StoreTombstonedErr implmenets errcode.ErrorCode

    While Second line checks that *StoreBlockedErr implements errcode.ErrorCode.

    You can ask the compiler to check that the type T implements the interface I by attempting an assignment using the zero value for T or pointer to T, as appropriate:

    type T struct{}
    var _ I = T{}       // Verify that T implements I.
    var _ I = (*T)(nil) // Verify that *T implements I.

    If T (or *T, accordingly) doesn't implement I, the mistake will be caught at compile time.

    If you wish the users of an interface to explicitly declare that they implement it, you can add a method with a descriptive name to the interface's method set. For example:

    type Fooer interface {

    A type must then implement the ImplementsFooer method to be a Fooer

    type Bar struct{}
    func (b Bar) ImplementsFooer() {}
    func (b Bar) Foo() {}
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