2019-06-28 19:07
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I am using React.js in the frontend and Golang API in the backend. Earlier when I tested with localhost development environment Set-Cookie was working fine with Safari but when I deployed my apps (frontend and backend running separately) on the servers for testing, the Set-Cookie is not working only with Safari. SSL certificates are not installed and I am just using the IP address for accessing the website and API. When I checked the console I saw that cookie is being issued successfully and received by Safari but it is not storing it.

Below is cookie configuration

jwtCookie := &http.Cookie{
    Name:     "jwtToken",
    Secure:   false,
    HttpOnly: true,
    Value:    tokenString,
    Expires:  expiryTime,

The problem is with Safari only.

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  • dongque1646 2019-06-29 23:40

    Unlike other browsers, Safari does not set cookies on cross domain requests from XHR or fetch. Serve the front end and back end from the same hOst.

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