2016-03-21 06:59
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I tried to get the OS name in Golang The below is my code.

// GetOsName.go
package main

import (

func main() {
    fmt.Println("systeminfo","|","findstr","/B","/C:\"OS Name\"")
    Out,err:=exec.Command("systeminfo","|","findstr","/B","/C:\"OS Name\"").Output()
    if err!=nil{

But when i execute the code i get this message

systeminfo | findstr /B /C:"OS Name"
Err: exit status 1

The command is right. When i try to execute the command in separate it works fine. Help me to solve this Thanks in Advance.

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我试图在Golang中获取操作系统名称。这是我的代码。 < pre> // GetOsName.go package main import( “ fmt” “ os / exec” ) func main(){ fmt.Println(“ systeminfo” ,“ |”,“ findstr”,“ / B”,// C:\“ OS Name \”“) Out,err:= exec.Command(” systeminfo“,” |“,” findstr“,” / B“,” / C:\“ OS Name \”“)。如果err!= nil { fmt.Println(” Err:“,err) } else { fmt。 Println(“ Out:”,string(Out)) } }

但是当我执行代码时,我会收到此消息 \ n

  systeminfo |  findstr / B / C:“操作系统名称” 

该命令正确。 当我尝试单独执行命令时,效果很好。 请帮助我提前解决此问题。

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  • dqb78642 2016-03-21 07:05

    Your command is not right. Your command is shell code and cannot be executed except by a shell (here cmd.exe). If you really want to get the OS name like this: Execute cmd.exe with your command as an argument. You might consider executing systeminfo.exe and parsing the output in Go (instead of the shell).

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