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在golang中使用os / exec在特定目录内执行命令

I want to run a command inside a particular directory.So here are 2 ways to do it.

command := exec.Command("echo *tar.gz | xargs -n1 tar zxf") 
command.Dir = pathFinal 
cmdErr := command.Run()

This is not working for me on the otherhand,

command := "cd "+pathFinal+"; "+"echo *tar.gz | xargs -n1 tar zxf" 
cmd := exec.Command("/bin/sh", "-c", command) 
cmdErr := command.Run()

This is working. I want to implement it the first way. I don't know why it is not working Second one throws an error

Failed to untar file: exec: "echo *tar.gz | xargs -n1 tar zxf": executable file not found in $PATH Am I missing something?

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  command:= exec.Command(“ echo * tar.gz | xargs -n1 tar zxf”)
command.Dir = pathFinal 
cmdErr:= command.Run()  


  command:=“ cd” + pathFinal +“  ;“ +” echo * tar.gz | xargs -n1 tar zxf“ 
cmd:= exec.Command(” / bin / sh“,” -c“,command)
cmdErr:= command.Run()
 <  / code>  

此功能正常。 我想以第一种方式实施它。 我不知道为什么它不起作用 第二个错误

无法解压缩文件:exec:“ echo * tar.gz | xargs -n1 tar zxf”:可执行文件 在$ PATH中找不到 我遗漏了什么吗?

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