2015-04-23 23:59
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I am trying to add an int to the end of a byte array in Golang.
This is my current code:

nameLengthBytes := []byte{32, 32}
nameLength := len(name)

The nameLengthBytes creates 2 spaces, and what I'm looking for is a way to add the nameLength to the end of the nameLengthBytes.

if name length is 7, I want the array to be: {32, 55}
If name length is 12, I want the array to be {49, 50}

The problem is that sometimes the name is shorter than 10 so I need to fill up with a leading zero.

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这是我的 当前代码:</ p>

  nameLengthBytes:= [] byte {32,32} 
nameLength:= len(name)
 </ code> </ pre> 

nameLengthBytes </ strong>创建2个空格,我正在寻找一种将 nameLength </ strong>添加到 nameLengthBytes </ strong>末尾的方法 。 </ p>

示例:</ em>
如果名称长度为 12,我希望数组为{49,50} </ p>

问题是有时名称短于10,所以我需要用前导零填充。 </ p> </ div>

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