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“ Github.com”转到Bitbucket的远程存储库中未显示的软件包

When I push my go code into my remote bitbucket repository, I don't see my files in github.com package folder instead I see this (this is a screen shot of my bitbucket repository, where I expect to find my go files): enter image description here

I used this command to push my code into my remote repository:

git add .
git commit -m "message"
git push -u origin master

When I log into my Bitbucket account, I expect to see my go files inside the "drakecheckin/src/github.com/coopernurse" directory. However I do not see my go file instead I see an arrow pointing to a bunch of characters+numbers.

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    dousi8559 dousi8559 2015-03-01 22:06

    Go get will clone github repositories into the appropriate folder of your gopath. What you're seeing in BitBucket is a submodule. You can treat the folder as a subtree if you'd like to check it into version control.

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