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Im trying to send a fake udp (a random mac address, let's say 01:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff) package to be handled by the ServeDHCP on the server side, Im running the following dhcpv4 github repository github.com/krolaw/dhcp4.

The goal of send a discover package, is to check if the dhcp is alive.

In fact I created a new func called check

func (h *DHCPHandler) check () {
    con, err = net.Dial("udp", "")
    for {
            //fake udp package???
            time.Sleep(10 * time.Minute)


in the main of the function, I have the following call go handler.check()

And in the ServeDHCP I should pass these parameters:
func (h *DHCPHandler) ServeDHCP(p dhcp.Packet, msgType dhcp.MessageType, options dhcp.Options)

How could I send a fake upd package from the func check?

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  • doutun1362 doutun1362 4年前

    At the end I managed to make works this check to send in periods of 10 minuts an upd package with an mac address I know is gonna never be reached as following.

    func (h *DHCPHandler) check() {
        //Fetch parameters from config file
        config := getConfig() // here is a mac saved on a json file 01:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
        macFake, err := net.ParseMAC(config.MacFake)
        if err != nil {
                fmt.Println("error with the fake mac provided on the json file", err)
        // create connection
        conn, err := net.Dial("udp4", "")
        if err != nil {
                fmt.Println("error with the connection", err)
        //stay alive
        for {
                fmt.Fprintf(conn, "GET / HTTP/1.0
                conn.Write(dhcp.RequestPacket(dhcp.Discover, macFake, h.ip, []byte{0, 1, 2, 3}, true, nil))
                time.Sleep(10 * time.Minute)


    On the main function, I just need to call this check goroutine and add on the server side (ServeDHCP) this code:

        mac := p.CHAddr().String()
        //Fetch parameters from config file
        config := getConfig()
        if mac == config.MacFake { //udp package received and a mac saved on a json file 01:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
                // send notification to restart if failure on a systemd
                daemon.SdNotify(false, "WATCHDOG=1")

    The last part needed is to add a systemd check, in my case I send the watchdog every 10 min, so, the systemd check will be setted it to 11min

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