2019-09-24 23:00
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I want to generate 2 separate files with GOtemplate, let's say I have this code :

aBuffer := new(bytes.Buffer)
bBuffer := new(bytes.Buffer)

aTmpl, _ := template.ParseFiles(aFilePath)
aTmpl.Execute(aBuffer, someVariables)

bTmpl, _ := template.ParseFiles(bFilePath)
bTmpl.Execute(bBuffer, someVariables)

Let's say I use a common var for these two files (not coming from the "someVariables" golang var), do I have a way to declare it in a seperate file like with Helm ?

{{ define myVar }}
{{ end }}

Then to keep a kind of context that I can re-use in both aTmpl & bTmpl :

{{ template myVar .}}
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  • duanjizhan9353 2019-09-24 23:12

    Create a third file with the common definitions:

    {{define "myVar"}}

    Parse that file with the others:

    aTmpl, _ := template.ParseFiles(aFilePath, commonFilePath)
    bTmpl, _ := template.ParseFiles(bFilePath, commonFilePath)

    Use "myvar" in the two templates as follows:

    {{template "myVar" .}}
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