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I'm trying to add a value to a variable string in golang, without use printf because I'm using revel framework and this is for a web enviroment instead of console, this is the case:

data := 14
response := `Variable string content`

so I can't get variable data inside variable response, like this

response := `Variable string 14 content`

Any idea?

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    dqzuo0327 dqzuo0327 2018-04-13 22:56

    Why not use fmt.Sprintf?

    data := 14
    response := fmt.Sprintf("Variable string %d content", data)
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  • duanpo7796 duanpo7796 2019-07-27 18:32

    If you want to keep the string in variable rather than to print out, try like this:

    data := 14
    response := "Variable string" + data + "content"
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