drgc9632 2019-08-25 08:44
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I am new to Go and love it so far but it seems that I cannot find a simple solution to this.

I want to create a constant that I can reference in my code by Key and get its value

I have this:

const (
    DBName            = "goApi"
    UsersTable string = "users"

And would like to have a Tables constant variable that stores the value


var Tables = {
   UsersTable : "users",
   PostsTable : "posts"

//Somewhere else in the code
fmt.Println(Tables.UsersTable) //output "users"

How can I achieve this in Go?

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  • du532861657 2019-08-25 11:52

    What you can declare as const in Go is limited to only the basic types like ints, strings, bools, etc. There is no way to declare non-basic types like structs, maps, slices, funcs, etc. as a const.

    So to get to Tables.UsersTable you can either declare your Tables as a struct var:

    var Tables = struct{
        UsersTable string
        PostsTable string
        UsersTable: "users",
        PostsTable: "posts",

    Note that since this is a variable and not a constant, there's nothing that protects the fields' values from being modified by malice or bug.

    Or, the other option you have is to create a new package, name it tables, and in it declare your constants.

    package tables
    const (
        UsersTable = "users"
        PostsTable = "posts"

    Then you can use it by simply importing the package

    import (
    func main() {

    Note that the first solution, if imported by another package will result in fmt.Println(somepkg.Tables.UsersTable) (unless a . import is used) which may not be what you're looking for, or maybe it is.

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