2019-06-10 07:28
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Golang json。解组字符串文字中的无效字符' '

Golang json.Unmarshal throws error for newline character. Go Playground

How to unmarshal data if string contains newline?

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Golang json。解组引发换行符错误。 进入操场

如何在包含字符串的情况下解组数据 换行符?

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  • dongzhang1987 2019-06-10 07:41

    Simply escaping the newline character should do the trick:

    var val []byte = []byte(`"{\"channel\":\"buupr\
    iya\",\"name\":\"john\", \"msg\":\"doe\"}"`)

    The output for the above:

    iya","name":"john", "msg":"doe"}

    Since you're attempting to pass a raw string literal here, you will need to be able to represent the JSON in string form, which requires you to escape the newline character.

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