2019-03-13 19:43
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我有这样的 struct 在Golang应用程序:

type Employee struct {
    ID int `json:"employee_id"`
    Email *string `json:"employee_email"`
    LastName *string `json:"employee_last_name"`
    FirstName *string `json:"employee_first_name"`
    Sex *string `json:"employee_sex"`

此结构的某些字符串字段可以为空。 如果我用 *string应用程序返回我"". 如果使用 sql.NullString 它就会返回给我这样的结果:

"employee_last_name": {
    String: "",
    Valid: true

我想显示的是字符串字段为空。 null


type NullString struct {
    String string
    Valid  bool

func (ns *NullString) Scan(value interface{}) error {
    if value == nil {
        ns.String, ns.Valid = "", false
        return nil
    ns.Valid = true
    return convertAssign(&ns.String, value)

func (ns NullString) Value() (driver.Value, error) {
    if !ns.Valid {
        return nil, nil
    return ns.String, nil

据我了解,这段代码可以帮助我解决问题,对吗? 我需要在应用程序中导入什么才能使用 convertAssign这个功能呢?

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  • duan5801 2019-03-13 20:07


    What you want to do is not possible according to the oracle go driver docs:


    sql.NullString is not supported: Oracle DB does not differentiate between an empty string ("") and a NULL

    Original Answer:

    Need more details on the SQL database type you are connecting to. I know the go SQLite3 pkg - github.com/mattn/go-sqlite3 - supports setting nil for values of type *string.

    Check the details of the driver you are using to connect to the database. For instance with MySQL, getting SQL date fields into go's native time.Time struct type is not set by default - it must be turned on at the driver level.

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  • duanqi5114 2019-03-13 19:50

    In the Go language specification nil is not a valid value for type string. the default, zero value is "".

    The top answer for this question goes into more detail.

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