duanputian5341 2017-10-26 18:02
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Golang将gopacket udpLayer转换为字节并发送

I am using the gopacket/layers api to extract upd data out of a packet then sending it again via another udp stream, I am not sure if am doing this correct or not, also have been getting some errors, if anyone can point me in the correct direction that would be great my code

conn, err := net.Dial("udp",

udp, _ := updpLayer.(*layers.UDP)

/*now if i send it like this*/

/*i get the errors: cannot use udp (type *layers.UDP) as type []byte in argument to conn.Write*/

/*I tried to convert to bytes using unsafe*/

con := *(*[unsafe.Sizeof(udp)]byte)(unsafe.Pointer(&udp))

/* I get cannot use conv (type [8]byte) as type []byte in argument to conn.Write */

/* I used ecoding/gob, but is it sending it as a byte stream?*/

encoder := gob.NewEncoder(conn)
encoder.Encode(udp) //or Encode(udp)
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  • dqdtgiw4736 2017-10-27 11:18

    updpLayer doesn't represent the data directly, so trying to convert it to bytes is pointless. Read the Contents or Payload field instead.

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