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I'm having some issues understanding Go's struct inheritance. I'm trying to do somewhat of an abstraction for an object type. See the example code below:

package main

type Animal struct{}
type Dog struct {
    Color string

type Person struct {
    Name string
    Age  int
    Pet  *Animal

func main() {
    dog := &Dog{Color: "brown"}
    tom := &Person{Name: "Tom", Age: 13, Pet: dog}

This is causing a compilation error:

cannot use dog (type *Dog) as type *Animal in field value

What is the correct way to go about doing an abstraction like this? Is it possible in Go?

End goal for the example would be to have different types of Pets - Dog, Cat, Hamser, etc. Then be able to store that into a struct expecting type Animal.

To visualize, something like:

type Person struct {
    Name string
    Age  int
    Pet  *Dog OR *Cat OR *Hamster

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