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类型别名在Go中如何工作? [重复]

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I have a type wrapper in my code:

package my_package
import ""
type Server *gin.Engine

It works perfectly fine to use it within my package like:

func NewServer() Server {
    s:= Server(gin.Default())
    // I can call *gin.Engine functions on my s here without problems
    return s

In my test suite (which resides in another package) I import my package and get the Server type. However, when I try to call some "inherited" functions on it doesn't work.

server_test.go:68: server.ServeHTTP undefined (type my_package.Server has no field or method ServeHTTP)

What's going on?


The solution I found is related to @jiang-yd answer below: Change the type to a embedding struct

type Server struct {

and change the "cast"

s := Server{gin.Default()}
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  • duanlei8119 2015-10-29 05:18

    in official document, there are two kinds of type, static type and underlying type. Server is your static type and *gin.Engine is the underlying type. most place in golang just use static type, so Server and *.gin.Engine are two types. check the golang spec

    well it not help you in your problem. in your situation, you need embedding struct of golang, which help you inherit all method from one struct to another.

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