2014-03-23 13:28
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I have developed a basic go rest webservice in go 1.2. It is working as expected in my local linux box. But when I scp'ed the generated binary to openshift and try to execute, it terminates instantaneously without listening to the port. Here is the application code : https://gist.github.com/anidotnet/9720936

I tried with both binary compiled at openshift server and binary compiled at my local linux box, but the result is same. Tried executing it using

nohup ./app $

but it still terminates. No panic log is there as well. What is going wrong here? Am I missing something?

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我在go 1.2中开发了一个基本的go rest网络服务。 它在我的本地linux框中按预期工作。 但是,当我将生成的二进制文件scp'到openshift并尝试执行时,它会立即终止而不需要监听端口。 这是应用程序代码: https://gist.github.com/anidotnet/9720936

我尝试在openshift服务器上编译的二进制文件和在本地linux机器上编译的二进制文件都尝试过,但是结果是一样的。 尝试使用

nohup ./app $

执行它,但它仍然终止。 也没有恐慌日志。 这是怎么了? 我想念什么吗?

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