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如何在Struct Golang中压缩Json

package questionnaire

import (

type Items []Item

type CreateData struct {
    Items []Item

type Item struct {
    Id        enter code herestring `json:"id"        required:"true"`
    CompCd    string `json:"compCd"    required:"true"`
    OrgCd     string `json:"orgCd"`
    QstnId    string `json:"qstnId"    required:"true"`
    QstnIdSeq string `json:"qstnIdSeq" required:"true"`
    CustId    string `json:"custId"`
    AnsDts    string `json:"ansDts"    required:"true"`
    AnsRout   string `json:"ansRout"   required:"true"`
    QCd01     string `json:"qCd01"`
    QKey01    string `json:"qKey01"`
    QStc01    string `json:"qStc01"`
    QCat01    string `json:"qCat01"`
    Pont01    string `json:"pont01"`
    PCat01    string `json:"pCat01"`
    Comt01    string `json:"comt01"`
    QCd02     string `json:"qCd02"`
    QKey02    string `json:"qKey02"`
    QStc02    string `json:"qStc02"`
    QCat02    string `json:"qCat02"`
    Pont02    string `json:"pont02"`
    PCat02    string `json:"pCat02"`
    Comt02    string `json:"comt02"`
    QCd50     string `json:"qCd50"`
    QKey50    string `json:"qKey50"`
    QStc50    string `json:"qStc50"`
    QCat50    string `json:"qCat50"`
    Pont50    string `json:"pont50"`
    PCat50    string `json:"pCat50"`
    Comt50    string `json:"comt50"

I'm newbie. I just learn go language a few day before.. My problem: How to compact this Item struct block. If i write from QCd01 to QCd50 this code can run but so bad! Sorry I'm not good at English.

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    douya6229 douya6229 2017-02-24 21:17

    I copied and pasted the code in your comment. It was missing the ending } to finish the json string. Also, you need a struct to tie the items map to. Here is a working playground link.

    EDIT: I didn't realize there would be more than one "items", which I should have assumed given the plural name. Here is an updated playground link that takes care of that.

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