2019-02-15 05:46
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I am using gin-gonic to create my first Go rest API server.

My User struct is as follows

type User struct {
    FirstName string `json: "first_name"`

I have the following route defined in my code

route.POST("/test", func(c *gin.Context) {

        var user request_parameters.User

        //some code here

        c.JSON(http.StatusOK, token)

My POST request body is as follows

    "first_name" : "James Bond"

The value of user.FirstName is "" in this case. But when I post my request body as

    "firstName" : "James Bond"

The value of user.FirstName is "James Bond".

How do I map the snake case variable "first_name" from the JSON request body to the corresponding variable in the struct? Am I missing something?

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