dongqiao9583 2018-01-17 10:56
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Reflect vs Regex检查Golang中的空JSON数组属性

I receive a JSON Array from our Client which properties are empty:


Normally it looks like this e.g:

    {"Name": "foo", "Text": "Costumer"},
    {"Name": "foo", "Text": "Employer"},
    {"Name": "foo", "Text": "Costumer"},
    {"Name": "foo", "Text": "Emplopyer"},
    {"Name": "foo", "Text": "Employer"}

As far as my teacher said there is 2 possible ways to check for those empty properties:

regexp package && reflect package

Which should I use for performance?

And please explain why u would choose that package over the other

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  • douding_1073 2018-01-17 11:37

    The most performant and error-proof way would be to manually parse the JSON tokens yourself with json's Decoder.Token and related methods. This avoids the json package's normal use of Reflect entirely (since you're not unmarshaling into an arbitrary struct), and it avoids error-prone regular expressions. It will likely out-perform regex, too, but a benchmark will be necessary to be sure.

    But it will be some verbose, and arguably ugly code.

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