2018-03-27 09:49
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When I run the command

go build

I end up with an application that's too large, doesn't run and with lots of errors.

I'm using the same source as someone else that's teaching me. I'm too embarrassed to ask him these questions. I understand the different OS make a difference, but should it affect the actual program and how it works?

How do I find out what version of Go was used and which compiler was used on a already-compiled application? It's just a app file.

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  go build 
 <  / code>  


我正在使用 与教我的其他人相同的资源。 我不好意思问他这些问题。 我了解不同的操作系统会有所不同,但它会影响实际程序及其工作方式吗?

如何查找已使用的Go版本以及已编译的应用程序使用了哪个编译器? 这只是一个应用程序文件。

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